The Best Search Tool for Twitter

About TweetLibs

TweetLibs is the most powerful search tool for Twitter. Using TweetLibs is the easiest way to unlock the full power of Twitter Search. Find tweets in an entirely new way!

With TweetLibs you can easily build a search query by choosing as many or as few of the following options:

-Main search term
-"Or" search term
-Term to exclude
-The person tweets were sent to
-Location tweets were sent from (or near)
-Attitude of the tweet (positive or negative)
-Is the tweet asking a question?
-Show only tweets with links, images, videos or news
-Include or exclude retweets
-Find either recent or popular tweets (or both)

Quickly and easily build search queries and save them to your favorites to view later! A few examples of fun searches:

-Tweets that contain the word "hilarious" and have a video attached
-Tweets within 20 miles of downtown Chicago
-Tweets that contain the word "food" with a positive attitude, within 10 miles of your current location
-Tweets that have the hashtag "#ios9" and show news, excluding retweets and are the most recent

Find tweets near you with our map feature. Look up locations and set a radius. TweetLibs will find tweets that were posted within that position on the map. It's a cool way to find local restaurants, stores and much more!

With TweetLibs, the options are endless! Download now to explore Twitter like you never have before!